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About Best Place Book is a travel community and guide to the best places for the best experiences!

Guide - Best Place Book provides travelers worldwide with a unique source of information about the best places in the world (or within a specific country) to travel for participating in their favorite activities. Based on what you want to do, we will give advice on where to go.

Community - Best Place Book is also a forum to discuss and share experiences and meet like-minded travelers. We want to use the collective knowledge of active travelers all over the world to help each other find and explore the travel destinations of their dreams. is unique in that it rates and ranks travel destinations worldwide according to their suitability for engaging in various activities and describes each destination in terms of what it is like to do that particular activity in that particular place. Thus, it serves as a supplement to existing online travel guides that provide a more general description of the destination with only limited information about a small number of activities. is managed by Activitravel Ltd which was founded in 2009 by two brothers from Norway with a keen interest in tourism, marketing, the Internet - and above all, a strong passion for active travel.

Øyvind Grønflaten (CEO and Head of Marketing)

Activitourist Activitourist's Residence (Norway)
I have a PhD in tourism marketing and an MBA from Griffith University in Australia. In addition to managing Best Place Book, I am running my own consultancy called TouristIntel as well as holding a position as assistant professor of tourism marketing at the Norwegian School of Management. Have blogged under the name Activitourist since 2008.

Trond Grønflaten (CTO and Head of Product Development)

Trond Trond's Residence (Norway)
I studied information technology at HiST (Sør-Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway), then marketing in Oslo and later became a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). Before starting Best Place Book, I worked as a senior consultant and webmaster at TouristIntel.
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